Did you know?


Opposed to stereotypes in movies and shows, PTA is not bake sales and drama. Rivergold PTA is a group of parents and staff who volunteer their time and skills to help provide support and enrichment for our children at Rivergold Elementary School. Distance learning has inspired our small group of dedicated volunteers to get creative to maximize our resources. In a time where everyone needs a little extra support, here is a list including some of things Rivergold PTA has organized for our learning community:


  • Teachers Discretionary fund – PTA voted to double the discretionary fund given to teachers at the start of the school year.
  • Distance Learning Supply Fundraiser (Baggies, Dice, Dry Erase Markers, Playing Cards, Dry Erase envelopes) – PTA ran a direct fundraiser for supplies dedicated to improve the new learning environment from a distance.
  • New PTA Website for paperless communication, outreach, and fundraising. – Rivergold PTA has built a hub of information from a click of a button. You can raise money, stay informed, contact or become a member, and participate in PTA enrichment activities.
  • Ability for Scholastic news to be paid through PTA Web Site
  • 8th Grade Signs were purchased to celebrate our 8th grade students.
  • Pumpkins and prizes for Students – October Enrichment Activity
  • Food for Thought Fruit bags provided for all students – November Harvest Enrichment Activity 
  • Books for Pentathlon Team
  • Marquee ( non-funded )
  • Care Bear Drive
  • Fall Book Fair
  • Spirit Wear
  • Spring Book Fair
  • Read A Thon
  • Red Ribbon Week – Dress Up


  • 8th Grade promotion medals
  • Back to School Night – Food and Get To Know you Booth
  • Book Fair (In Person)
  • Virtual Spirit Week
  • Holiday Fest
  • Hawk Fest
  • Peach Blossom
  • Catalina
  • 8th Grade Projects
  • Math Pentathlon

You get the idea…ALL THE FUN THINGS! Please consider joining Rivergold PTA so that our school continues these amazing opportunities for our students. Parent support, as you can see listed above, can go FAR. You can have a voice and make things happen. The parent teacher association is only as strong as it’s members and we are in need of as much or as little support you can provide. Board members may only serve a maximum of 2 years in their roles. Despite our digital efforts, it is not the same as meeting together on campus. The impact now, is that PTA does not have new volunteers to continue the amazing momentum as current members graduate on. We are Rivergold strong and are always working to communicate with one another, learn from one another, and support each other to create a rich learning environment for our children. You may have seen this image below before. Please give it a look and consider how important the PTA is to you, your community, and our children.

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