Rivergold Art Celebration Results

Winning art will be submitted to the Madera County ArtsFest! Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to all who participated!


1st PLACE: Ellene and Neva Fox “Butterfly Girls”     

2nd PLACE: Sophia Orozco         

3rd PLACE: Brinley Morgan 


 1st PLACE: Luna V. Flores “Helping Those Who Cannot Talk” 

2nd PLACE: Resse Elliot         

3rd PLACE: Carter Lowry 


1st PLACE: Zoie Kell “I Am”

2nd PLACE:   Mackenzie Orlebeck  “I hold the future”           

3rd PLACE: Faith Goodwin “Save the White Tiger” 

5TH-6TH GRADE       

1st PLACE: 6th grade “We Matter”

2nd PLACE: Amber Lee Wall             


1st PLACE: Rocco Bluhm “Minecraft Me”

Honorable Mentions:

Lilly Wisner, Autumn Demasters, Elianne Lynn Brown, Claire Barren, Finn Murray  Brandon Grisham, Kayla Tong, Brayden Eslinger, Annibel Coffey, Ellerie Fox, Ana Staz, Tayley Poffen Berger, Nation Swarts Reagan Dixon, Kaden Robinson   

To view the entire virtual gallery visit: https://rivergoldpta.org/art-celebration/

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