Rivergold’s 2021 Art Celebration


Brought to you by Rivergold PTA and Madera County ArtFest

Theme: I Matter Because…
The theme for this year’s art celebration is “I Matter Because…”. Submissions will be reviewed by experienced artists for interpretation of the theme, creativity, and technique. Art will be judged and categorized according to grade-level group: TK-K, 1st2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, and 7th-8th. All entries must include a description of how the piece relates to the theme. We look forward to celebrating your artistry and achievement in the arts! The winners in each grade level group will be submitted to the 2020-2021 Madera County ArtsFest competition.

  • 2-Dimensional: painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.); drawing (colored pencil, pencil, ink, marker, crayon, pastels, charcoal, etc.); collage (2-D only); prints (lithographs, silkscreen, block prints); mixed media (use of more than one medium); and still photography.
  • 3-Dimensional: wood, metal, clay, paper-mache, etc.


TK-1  1st: Ellene and Neva Fox “Butterfly Girls” 2nd: Sophia Orozco 3rd: Brinley Morgan 

1-2     1st: Luna V. Flores “Helping Those Who Cannot Talk 2nd: Resse Elliot 3rd: Carter Lowry 

3-4 1st: Zoie Kell “I Am” 2nd:  Mackenzie Orlebeck  “I Hold the Future” 3rd: Faith Goodwin “Save the White Tiger” 

5-6 1st: 6th grade “We Matter” 2nd: Amber Lee Wall 

7-8 1st: Rocco Bluhm “Minecraft Me”


• Artwork must be completed solely by the student.
• All artwork must be original and inspired by the current theme, “I Matter Because…”.
• Submissions must include a title and a statement on how the work relates to theme.
• Multiple entries are ok. Each entry must have its own entry form. If a student wins more than
one award only one piece can be chosen for submission to the Madera County ArtsFest.
• Artwork should be age appropriate and adhere to Rivergold’s rules related to appropriate
student content.
• Rivergold PTA reserves the right to restrict entries that do not meet the above standards.

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